CMS Advanced Plan

A website doesn’t not just get written and then nothing needs to be done to it, there are tasks that need to be undertaken on a regular basis and if they are not attended to in the end the site will not function. It is a little like your car and if you don’t maintain it to a basic standard then in the end it will stop working as it should with a worse case being it stops altogether websites are the same!

We do however have a “No Maintenance Plan” which means that we have no responsibility to maintain any site that choose to take this option but obviously the site still needs maintaining so we have a few safeguards we will put in place:

  • we will create a user login account to enable the owner to access the site and maintain it;
  • we will move the site to a designated server which is for the protection of the sites we maintain;
  • we will also need to recreate an E-mail account on the new server;

These actions obviously will incur costs to them but they are an annual cost.

Under this arrangement nothing could be done to maintain the site in question by C and CR Web-Services but the user login would allow the owner to do the maintenance and updates as they see fit!

Any requested maintenance could always be undertaken by C and CR Web-Services but one must understand that updates should be undertaken in the correct order to ensure each step of the developers are taken in the correct order as it has been known for then to corrupt databases if not!

The reason Website Hosting is shown within these calculations and not the other plans is that we as C and CR Web-Services would host any none maintenance sites on a different server to protect the Sites we are Maintaining and therefore has to be prices accordingly.

What you get…

  • Domain Registration/ Renewal
  • Website Hosting
  • User Login
  • E-mail Account
  • Site Updates
  • Site Backups
  • Basic Site Security
  • Performance Checks
  • License Management
  • Basic SEO

€ 75:00 p/month