Web Solutions

C and CR Consulting will help you to understand the potential of the World Wide Web and how important it is as your shop window for your Company. The world has been getting online for years now but today more and more people use the web to look Companies up to understand more about them rather than even calling you.

With so much of your competition now online you as a Company need you really need a strategy that gives you the edge and C and CR Consulting can guide you and your Company to see the potential from the world wide web but also put together a strategy that integrates the best media channels and technologies that enhance your target audience reach and effectively draws them to you.

In today’s market it isn’t just about getting a website to get your market share, it has to be a much more holistic approach to the web and C and CR Consulting have been helping Companies to achieve strong strategies that across the web finding optimal solutions that help businesses grow within the global market.

Identifying your Company requirements

At C and CR Consulting it isn’t about us telling you what you need it is about us understanding what the possibilities are that are out there but before we can offer any solutions we actually need to understand your Company and its requirements. Sometime this will even take the shape of a facilitation process to help you to also understand your needs because all too often we find we are told “we want a website” but without the understanding of what the possibilities are or even what the message going to be.

To ensure your Company only gets an optimal solutions for its needs we will work closely with you at every levels to understand your business requirements and goals, your customers and their needs. This enable us craft a web strategy that integrates with your business model.

Helping Businesses achieve Market Leadership

The potential from the internet is so strong every business regardless of size wants to benefited from it. The web offers opportunities to market your products and or services across the world but it also allows someone that is in the same town find you. At C and CR Consulting we think of the web and truly being worldwide but have never lost site of the fact that it is also your businesses front window and therefore needs to fit into your local business plan as well as any future growth.

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Whether you are using the web to attract local or worldwide customers this is your opportunity to tell people what you do; this might sound daft but millions of businesses websites either completely fail to reflect the actual purpose of the company or it is so confusing that potential customers move on without making contact! C and CR Consulting will make sure as things grow everything stays on subject and track to achieve the initial goals and we are continuing to reach the right target audience.

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Designing the Path of your Online Success

Web technologies, social media platforms, widgets and so much more are still evolving, with more and more people going online and interacting with the latest available technology. Many years ago C and CR Consulting recognised when most of the audience is on web we as businesses have to get online to interact with our potential clients otherwise we have no chance of making them customers into the future.

There are literally thousands of website added each day to an already busy market. Without the right guidance a good proportion of these websites are just lost in the world of web because of ineffective branding and internet marketing strategies.

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Your business target audience on the web is exposed to so many websites and campaigns that it is first hard for them to concentrate on your message unless it is compelling enough for them to read on; they can easily bounce to the competition quickly without that hook and feeling of comfort on your message.

C and CR Consulting can easily guide you through some of the pitfalls with the right Branding, Message and understanding that is needed to build that customer comfort level.

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Brand Promotion and Campaign Management

C and CR Consulting have been dealing with client marketing strategies for new media for some time now. We can draw on skills from the different teams within our larger Company whether it is Internet Marketing, Web Design or Business Development we are here to help you succeed. C and CR Consulting can create online marketing campaigns that stimulate and engage your web audiences, using multiple platforms to get your message heard and raising your brand recognition.

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We design campaigns that not only enhance your online presence but create opportunities for sustained growth as a business. Our team will guide your thought process so that you know what you need as well as where you need to be; should you want us to take things further then within our larger Company we have you covered!

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C and CR Web Solutions use a simple process to success which will result in solutions that will enhance your business. Our process model is designed to help us understand your business needs and goals but also to consolidate and document your own thoughts for the future. Without this initial understanding nobody can guide you to effective and lasting solutions.

Obviously C and CR Consulting needs to understand your business and therefore this is cornerstone of our relationship with you. Until we understand your business, your objectives and goals we can’t honestly guide you to what more is possible. We normally hold an interaction and facilitation session to understand your current position and areas that you feel you would like to improve.

After the initial meeting for understanding we will need to research your competition and analyse their strategies because although this is to be your strategy it is important to know their strengths and weaknesses. C and CR Consulting will then plan a delivery proposal and develop a recommendation document outlining the suggested solution(s) to allow you to meet your objectives and goals and how we can help you.

If you wish us to assist further we can help you to developing the solutions that have been proposed. C and CR Consulting will need to work closely with you and take your feedback at each step of design and development of your solution(s). This stage will include formulating and executing online strategies, designing and development of personalised and customised solutions. Part of this stage would also be the testing and deployment which we will “hand hold” the process with you.

Once the project is complete and launched successfully, C and CR Consulting will plan the promotions and recommended continuation strategies to allow you to continue the momentum. We will give you any ongoing support and be available to help you when you need it. As your business requirement change with time, we will recommend ways to improve and align ongoing work with these new business objectives and requirements. C and CR Consulting give continued support and assistance to all our clients.

This customer centric approach and the consulting process starts with the an ‘audit’ or discovery of your business needs. C and CR Consulting then plan, develop the solution and even project manage the solution through to deployment as well as arranging continued support agreements.

C and CR Consulting process is ideal for Internet Marketing, Web Design, SEO or Brand awareness.