IT Solutions

Here at C and CR Consulting, we can help to guide you to a range of services designed to safeguard, support and secure your IT infrastructure and software requirements.

As well as assessing your current infrastructure, we will consult with you on your future Business plans so that the IT requirements solutions we offer are the best fit for your current business but also scalable into your future. All businesses requirements are different but you need a solution that doesn’t slow your business down but actually helps it grow by streamlining work and process flows.

We can also suggest a broad range of Cloud Based Services, reducing costs by removing the need to maintain your own local hardware and software, from Microsoft 365 and Google Services, through to Online Backups, VOIP services and CRM Integrations, our Partners within the Cloud Services sector if required can then step in and make sure you can relax and allow the project to move with minimal intervention from your team so that they can continue with your core business.

Network Solutions

Innovative Technology Solutions

Properly scaled and optimised IT can make all the difference when it comes to running a successful business. C and CR Consulting can help you take control of your future and empowering your organisation with the right solutions for their daily work with seamless services from cloud computing solutions, cyber-security services, website and application development, managed print services and business technology consulting. C and CR Consulting works with you to deliver the right solutions for your company giving you the peace of mind you need so you can focus on the productivity and profitability of your business.

Connecting You To Your Full Potential – Technology Services To Fit All Your Business Needs

When the technology that is supposed to make running your business easier becomes an obstacle to success, it can be hard to know where to start. C and CR Consulting totally understand that growing a business demands all your time, energy and focus and so after the initial consultation period we will structure a proposal to suit your specific business requirements and can even project manage our suggested solution through to completion or hand it over to your in house team.

With C and CR Consulting as part of your team the delays, downtime, and disruptions caused by inefficient or outdated IT will soon be over.

Hardware Solutions

A poor IT infrastructure can cause nothing but issues, issues that take time and money to resolve. C and CR Consulting believe that getting a strong underlying IT infrastructure is essential to any business to ensure they’re able to deliver a high quality of service to their customers and to support their users as they perform their day-to-day tasks.

C and CR Consulting have partnered with global manufacturers through its support partners to allow for high quality IT hardware. This means we’re able to offer a wide range of products from leading brands of computers, servers, networking equipment, storage solutions, printers, peripherals  and more.

If you’re unsure of what you need then speak to one of our team who will be able to offer advice on what IT hardware would be right for your business whether desktops, laptops, tablets and even smart phones that all work seamlessly together though the right solution.

In the modern world servers are now either local or cloud based and C and CR Consulting are well situated to advise either way based on your Company Profile.

Whether you’re a small business looking for advice on purchasing your first server or a large enterprise adding another to your cabinet, C and CR Consulting can assist in your requirements and decisions.

C and CR Consulting will advise on the best solution and mix of personal equipment to match your Company Profile and support requirements not only giving you peace of mind but also giving you the best solution to drive your business into the future.

At C and CR Consulting we provide a huge selection of the latest computer technologies from Desktop PC’s, laptops, tablets, all in ones to thin clients. Being partnered with so many top IT hardware suppliers means C and CR Consulting are able to guide you to a cost effective solution every time.

Computer networks can often be overlooked but they’re essential for most businesses to function, if you’ve got a poor network then it can cause lots of unforeseen problems and headaches. A network provides key roles within the business such as improving security, exchanging data, resource sharing, increasing storage capacity and many others.

C and CR Consulting are able to offer the most suitable networking solution based on your requirements, our goal is to aid your business in improving security, increasing productivity and cutting business costs.

If you’re unsure of what you need then speak to a team member as we can offer advice on which firewall, switch or router would be the best for your situation.

Data is something every company has but it’s use depends on how it’s stored. Data scattered between many locations will make your tasks become time consuming and frustrating, the same goes for data that’s susceptible to loss.

There’s various options to choose from when it comes to storing data, each has their own benefits so it’s essential to find the most-suitable for your business. C and CR Consulting are proud to offer a wide range of data solutions, reliable backups, protection and consolidation.

Storage requirements will be unique to each company so it’s best to speak with one of our staff members if you have any questions regarding data storage.

Cloud Services

Historically users would run programs from their physical PC or from a server in their building managed by an in-house IT department – C and CR Consulting can save you money by introducing the right Cloud Services to your company. Cloud Services means storing and accessing both data and programs over the internet instead of having them locally. The end result is the same but at a fraction of the cost, with an online connection cloud computing can be done anywhere at and at anytime.

Business Cloud Services come in many guises and can cover many different degrees of solution but C and CR Consulting believe that there is such thing as “one fit all” as the main players in the Business market have concentrated in giving exactly that, the one solution fits all! C and CR 

Consulting have in depth knowledge of the two market leading solutions offered by Microsoft in the form of Office 365 and Google in their G Suite both of which basically do the same things which is supply all of the basic office software ranging from Email, desktop publishing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Storage and so much more but that is really where the similarities stop because they are very different systems and where both have their pros and cons most Companies will find themselves preferring on or the other and C and CR Consulting can help you find which side of the fence your company need to sit.

Office Productivity Integration

Along with email most of us in the business world rely on our calendars, spreadsheets and word processing documents to get our work done. Whatever system we use, it is those tools that make business’s around the world buzz and hum.

Here at CandCR Consulting we understand the corporate workforce is becoming more global and the ability for staff to work from different locations and even countries on all different kinds of devices from Windows, Apple or Android with different operating systems from Desktop, Mobile for Tablets and even Phones being more powerful than most PC’s were a decade ago.

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The world has changed from sitting in cubicles next to your colleague with our desktops and phone in front of us and being able to chat with your colleagues that were just next door. The workforce has evolved into a mobile dynamic entity of its own, where communication skills are being stretched in different directions; therefore the basic productivity toolkits have needed to change not just to help facilitate with this change but also to keep pace with this constantly changing business practice. All of the basic tools have become more mobile, but they’ve had to also become more collaborative.

Many enterprises sized companies have moved from on premises email and file server functionality to the cloud but at the same time many of the smaller companies that used to work with standalone systems have also found the cloud. In a good percentage of cases, the larger sized companies have gone Microsoft Office 365 and the small to medium have gone Google G-Suite. Obviously that’s a broad and simplistic statement to just throw out there as nothing is “one size fits all” and there are other systems out there that can also do the same tasks but we at CandCR Consulting specialise in the two main players as our experience of guidance and implementing both of these systems for clients proves their sustainability and scalability in the work place.

How Office Suites Change Day to Day Work

Within the business environment we need to be able to move from one package to another without really noticing it’s happening, when systems are “joined up” there is more ability to process actions through whatever systems we are using without the need to re-input.

Both Office 365 and G Suite are not just simply the simply Email, Document and Storage solutions we used to have on our Desktop because they both now do a lot more to help office productivity through team collaboration and communication. C and CR Consulting have helped company teams grow by using the lesser known aspects of the packages they are already paying for to enhance their work experience which will boost productivity.

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CandCR Consulting can open up the differences and even the pros and cons of each solution allowing you to make informed decisions into your future

If you want to learn more about how Productivity though Collaboration can help you or your Company get in touch!