Sail Race Training

Everyone needs a passion in life that is away from their everyday work environment to make work life actually run smoother and allow you to clarity and focus in life so we allow you to channel the same drive and need for success into something different allowing you to see the world from a different angle but still encompassing all the business skills you use every day!

We are a small company based on the beautiful Island of Cyprus that are trying to build the awareness and pleasure of offshore sailing within both the Cypriot and Expat communities with the intention of growing the very small Offshore Race Community to benefit both sailing world but also to enable the Regattas that are beginning to show in the calendar to grow into more than just a trip around a few buoys but to instil the “race” spirit with a real understanding of racing from the rules, tactics and the sailing skills needed within a crew.

We can’t teach you to be Olympic sailors but we know we can up your game enough to move you up the leader board if not top it!


Our Training Programme

taking your sailing skills and teaching you to race…

Start Racing
€ 300
Skills on the Boat
The Start Line
The Beat
The Reach
The Run
Intermediate Racing
€ 300
Using the Team
Up wind Sails Trim
Freeing for Speed
Flying the Kite
Advanced Racing
€ 300
Balancing the Boat
Race Tactics
Using the Elements
Honing ones Skills
Learning to Win
Own Boat Tuition
€ 250
Offshore Racing
Short Handed Racing
Crew / Team Building
Long Distance Racing
Mile and Confidence Building
Rent a Crew